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eleQtron develops and operates full-stack quantum computers based on trapped-ion technology. Quantum computing is a new computing paradigm rapidly approaching commercial viability. Our unique approach combines laser-cooled trapped ions with microwave control and tailored magnetic fields. Our next-generation computing machines under development will be able to find solutions to problems that are out of reach today, thus enabling new innovative products and services for a brighter future.  

We are looking for a Quantum Use Case Developer. 


As a Quantum Use Case Developer at eleQtron, you will be part of a team with a mission to develop, set up and operate our trapped-ion quantum computers and relevant test devices. You will collaborate closely with our international team of physicists and engineers from different disciplines. Depending on your level of experience, you will work on one or more of the following tasks:  

  • Develop and implement innovative models for real-world optimization challenges using ion trap quantum computers 
  • Invent novel mathematical formulations for industry-relevant problems to leverage the advantages of Ion trap quantum computing 
  • Develop algorithms for both analog and digital quantum computers 
  • Write code to implement and simulate models to understand and optimize their performance 
  • Ensure code and documentation are clear and understandable 
  • Stay updated on the latest research in various quantum platforms for benchmarking 
  • Address research questions and document results in white papers, scientific publications, or patents  

Required skills: 

  • MSc or PhD in (theoretical) physics, mathematics, or related field, specializing in quantum information processing 
  • Deep understanding of quantum information processing and optimization techniques 
  • Experience with quantum optimization paradigms (e.g. QAE,  QAOA, QUBO, Quantum Annealing, etc.) 
  • Familiarity with quantum computing frameworks like Qutip, Cirq, or Qiskit 
  • Proven track record in quantum computing, particularly implementing algorithms in a NISQ era 
  • Fluency in English 

We Value: 

  • High creativity and proactiveness 
  • Ability to work independently with a self-initiated approach 
  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming, especially in Python 
  • Knowledge of noise-biased hardware platforms 
  • Experience with numerical optimization techniques for quantum computers is a plus 
  • Experience working in interdisciplinary development teams; knowledge of agile methods is advantageous 

Compensation & Benefits: 

  • Competitive salary: We value our team members and therefore provide remunerations that reflect this, additionally rewarding achievements. 
  • Employee participation: Our team can share in the company’s success through an attractive Virtual Stock Option Plan (VSOP). 
  • Flexible working hours: We offer personal freedom through a variety of flexible work schedules. 
  • Team spirit: In our international and diverse team, and with our regular team events, having fun at work is simply part of the game. 
  • Further development: We want to grow together and so we offer our team members’ needs-based, individualized further training as well as plenty of room for personal development. 
  • Wellness Package: We offer health-promoting benefits such as fitness programs like UrbanSportsClub and EGYM Wellpass to support your well-being.  
  • Moving Benefits: A warm welcome! We are happy to support employees who move for us with a bonus.  
  • Ph.D. on the Job: Work energetically and earn your doctorate on the side? We make it possible.  
  • At the forefront: Work at the forefront of technology, where academic research meets commercial applications. 
  • Modern workplace: We have a high-quality infrastructure with laboratory space, offices, and meeting rooms. 

What you can expect from eleQtron: 

  • eleQtron is a young startup with a unique and flexible working style through our adoption of the agile methodology. We encourage our team to think outside the box and provide access to high quality infrastructure, lab space, offices, and meeting rooms. We strive for an open atmosphere in which developing and commercializing world leading ion-trap-based quantum computers is not only possible, but fun. 
  • As a young organization, eleQtron has a flat hierarchy which provides excellent opportunities for self-development and room for growth. Our employees have a high degree of freedom and encouragement to contribute ideas and strategies. 

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